Commercial Interior Design in Melbourne, Victoria

A well-designed commercial space – be it a restaurant, bar, or corporate office – is as important to a business as the product or service it provides. The Interior sets the ambiance for the overall experience, and impacts those within it without them knowing it. 

We know that if we are greeted with genuine hospitality when entering a Melbourne restaurant, our mood is high and we expect good things for this experience. The Interior environment and ambiance is as imperative this, as those that work there.

With experience designing Restaurants, Bars, retail spaces and corporate offices, working alongside Architects and Building Designers, Erica Fanning Interiors is ideal to speak to when starting your next design project– available in Melbourne and surrounding areas.

Erica Fanning Interior Designer Melbourne Victoria Sydney New South Wales

With over ten years’ experience in the Interior Design Industry, Erica has worked to establish a reputable and individual brand that has evolved through her work alongside high end Industry leaders in both Sydney and Noosa and in her brand Erica Fanning Interiors on the Gold Coast and now in Melbourne.  Her aesthetic has seen her become highly sort after for achieving Hamptons style homes and Timeless interiors.

Erica Fanning Interiors provides Interior Design services in the areas of Melbourne, Toorak, Ivanhose, Portsea, Sorrento, Mornington Peninsula, St Kilda, Middle Park, Hawthorn, Kew, Sandringham, Richmond, Albert Park, Carlton, Brighton, Williamstown and more.